Paula Radcliffe:

“My Phits Simply

Don”t Wear Out”

PHITS Custom 3D Printed foot orthotics

Welcome to Phits insoles are custom made 3D printed foot orthotics made from a dynamic scan of your foot. Our revolutionary orthotics are the result of unique cutting edge technology.  Our technology, methodology and manufacturing process is changing the way the industry has looked at foot orthotics for decades. Our tag line “Make Your Move” embodies our product. No longer looking at the foot in a static position, we are making a product that is designed to support you as you move. Wear what the professionals wear!  Visit a Phits Expert for a footscan analysis.

Optimal Efficiency          Superior Stability          Extreme Durability

The First-Ever translation of your personal gait dynamics into custom 3D printed orthotics

Comfort & Prevention

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