RS Print

RS Print was created by the merging of two highly successful Belgian Companies, Materialise and RS Scan in 2014. RS Scan Has been a leader in gait analysis and plantar pressure mapping for over 25 years. Materialise is the 3rd largest manufacturer of 3D printed products. The two came together to manufacture the 1st custom made 3D printed Foot orthotic made from a dynamic scan which Translates scan data into a custom made orthotic. The 3D printing process allows us to to create a lightweight dynamic orthotic that is very durable and comfortable. Phits are being widely used in Podiatry, Orthopedics, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, O&P, Collegiate and Professional Athletics.  RS Print is considered a game changer in the current insole and footwear industry, ready to provide the new standard for patient care, expert empowerment and technological development.