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Feet 1st Shoes is recognized as a leading provider of state-of-the-art foot health products that offer immediate relief from painful foot conditions. We also specialize in helping podiatrists and physicians address the unique footwear needs of their patients. We pride ourselves on professional fitting services and carry a wide range of sizes and widths. For advice on footwear and foot care products, call our board-certified and licensed pedorthist at 904-731-FEET (3338).

When you come to Feet 1st Shoes, you’ll quickly realize we’re not a typical shoe store. Unlike the trend toward “big-box” self-service shoe stores, Feet 1st specializes in personal and friendly service focused on professionally fitting each and every customer.

The shoe industry trend toward self-service has resulted in many people wearing the wrong size since they simply buy the same size they’ve always worn (according to the American Podiatric Medical Association, 80% of adults in the U.S. wear the wrong size shoe). Because feet often get longer and wider with age, you should have your feet measured each time you buy shoes.

Feet 1st Shoes is a locally owned pedorthic footwear store that specializes in shoes, hosiery and related products for people with general foot discomfort, hard-to-fit feet, jobs requiring long periods of standing or individuals experiencing medical problems of the feet.

The store is owned by Wade Nield, C.Ped. who is licensed by the Florida Department of Health to fill footwear prescriptions for area Physicians and Podiatrists. Our C.Ped. is highly trained in foot anatomy, biomechanics and foot related medical problems and can recommend footwear, orthotics and shoe modifications appropriate for the patient’s condition.Feet 1st Shoes is natinally accredited by the American Board for Certification as a Comprehensive Pedorthic Facility. 

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